Movies of the week

Okay so I saw 3 movies this week, and I gotta say that 2 of the 3 were good!

Bad Lieutenant ❤ ❤
Let's start with Bad Lieutenant - Port Call of New Orleans starring Nicolas Cage, Val Kilmer, Eva Mendes and former rapper Xzibit.
That movie was really special, the story was very interesting, just like the old action movies from the 80's-90's! Dark police story with all the drugs, corruption and murder drama! It was special because I showed us the real deal! Crazy people lol! Anyways I'm not gonna tell the story but the movie was cool, funny, and Nicolas Cage is a great actor in his role.


OMG the most stupid movie I've ever saw, everything is SO PREDICTABLE
the story sucks, the actors actually suck too, even if Ethan Hawke, Sam Neil and Willem Dafoe were part of the cast lol! All the blood mad me sick, the weird scenes, the dialogues were OMG so ridiculous.
Sorry but I really thought it was a wack movie. Oh, and I forgot, the END! hahahaha LMAO, the end had no end! they didn't even found a solution to that crazy story. Anyways, I should keep your money for that one..

 Extraordinary Measures 
A very beautiful movie with Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, what actually pleased me with that one is that it was based from a true story =) Wow that movie makes you think about how you would react if you were seated on someone else's seat. A story of a father doing anything he can, taking risks for his family. And fortunately success. Of course it was a little too perfect but it was nice! I like the character of Harrison Ford, really funny old scientific lol! You guys should go see that one!

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