Haul Haul

I went shopping today, mostly in order to look at the new collections in the stores, I gave a try to the new Organic Beauty Line from H&M and I hate the watermelon smell so... but it seems like a good thing, they have Body Scrub / Hand moisturizer / Body Lotion.

I also saw the new Hello Kitty Body Mists that I love to carry around in my bag so I can spray my neck or my hair for a fresh impression. So I got a little pack of 4 scents. I think it's for kids but I like it thought!
I got Strawberry Garden / Raspberry Punch / Garden Pear / Vanilla Blossom and can't wait to use it! It actually smells like candy =)

I wanted to give a try at their new Eyeshadows and I got a Nude, sparkly color Pink Dust which is really cute for a nude look or to add shimmer in a makeup style!

And finally I got a diamond black tank top.

The best part of that haul is that I got my birthday dress shipped in express delivery with some other stuff. I won't show the dress right now but I'll show you a black meshed legging that I got from Asos.com perfect for a night out, a little crazy but I really like it.

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