Cecilia's update of the week

Monday it is
My new job allows me to post some notes so I'm going to enjoy myself

I spent my whole weekend partying, drinking and having fun! lol
I went out for a girly day with my bfriend and then spent the whole afternoon getting everything ready (catering ect)

Then I went to my bfriend's house to have diner and get ready

To celebrate my bday a threw a party in a really cool hip hop lounge in Paris where my guests were first of  seated in the VIP area with me, but then I noticed that a lot more of my friends came to my party so almost the whole club was crowded with my friends, cool surprise, people that I haven't seen for a while.

I even got a fire show from the crazy bartender and I blew my candles with everyone singing for me =)

The party was really cool, it all went well

The perfect bday with my friends!
Unfortunately I didn't brought a date but I had too much fun to care lol!
I had a lota gifts too =)

Thank u again!

Peep some pictures below

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