Special Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is coming fast, I love valentine's day, even though I am single, it's a nice time of the year when you can express love towards your friends and family ! 
Hopefully I'll go on a date with someone that day but you never really know lol! 

Anyways here are some DATE IDEAS if you don't have one, and also date clothes (of course)!!!!

I don't think you have to go crazy for a valentine's day but I think something very romantic is recommended,
to me the perfect valentine's day night would be :

- Going to the movies 
- Eating in a romantic restaurant
- Walking in a romantic area, sit in a park, watch the stars and have kisses and hugs ! lol

It is all about being alone with someone that you like and enjoy it =) You can even get her a gift like jewelry, perfume, massage, flowers or a love letter, something really personal and intimate (girls don't go buy a video game for you lover, and guys don't get her a book)

What are you guys planning for V-day??
DO you have a date? Do you care about V-Day?
Please go ahead and comment =)

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