Movies of the week

Okay so I got really really scared watching Wolfman, I dunno why LOL! This thing got me SO NERVOUS like crazy!

anyways, I also saw Nine which was kinda cool but got me thinking about a bad version of Chicago (one of my favorite movies) And I didnt like Fergie and Nicole Kidman in that movie, still Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson were amazing!

What else... Nothing special, I guess tomorrow I'll go out to see SHUTTER ISLAND!! I'm so excited about this movie! I love Leo DiCaprio he plays SO DAMN GOOD!!!!! And it's a Scorcese movie so it means everything lol!

I am finally getting my unlimited movie-pass so I can go anytime and almost everywhere I want to the movies for only 20 box per month!
Ticket's prices have increased so much I have to get one!

I'm also going to see Valentine's day this week =)
hopefully I won't be disappointed..


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