Movies of the week

Lately I went to the movies to see The Princess & The Frog and The Book Of Eli, 2 great movies.

In the Princess and the frog I went way back in time when I was a little girl, the cartoon is adorable, I loved the music, the colonial houses from the New Orleans, I went there when I was a kid so I remember listening to Jazz music in the streets, I even went to a voodoo-guy who read me the card and told me that I would be a veterinary (which never happened lol) 
Anyways the movie was really cool, funny and beautiful, yeah I wish life and love could be like in the fairy tales ....

Sunday I went to see The Book Of Eli, I got really bored at the beginning, it was really weird, and the movie took so long to start ! lol When the real action and story began it was cool! I was disappointed but the movie was okay tho.. 

I don't know what else I am going to see this week, now that am a single lady I can go out on dates to the movies for free so I enjoy myself haha (I am not a gold-digger though) 

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