The LOST survivor guide

I used to watch Lost a lot during its first seasons, but then it went really too crazy for me! 
Just look at the 3 first minutes of this "survivor guide" which are pretty much recapitulating everything that happened during the 6 seasons of Lost, this shit is crazy! The story has absolutely no sense to me, there are too many weird things going on : they land on a crazy island, then get rescued 3 years later , then they want to come back to do wtf ? and when they come back they go back and forth in the future/past
Ohhhh, wait a second! 
I don't want to watch the last season but I really want to know the end! Lol, I want to know what is the reason why all those crazy stories were created...
Anyways, check out the beginning of this episode (until 3:10) and if you really want to know what you missed watch the whole episode, it will get briefly through the 6 seasons of the show..

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