Haiti Earthquake

You guys may have heard of Haiti's earthquake ... I found out tuesday morning on my way to work and was totally chocked about it, then when I got home and turned the TV on the news, I got devastated. What happened is so horrible, sometime you don't realize that Mother Nature is the only one that decides what happens...
I didn't realized how bad it was until I read some tweets from Haitian people that are in a really bad position there... People have lost their houses, injured people can't get rescued because hospitals were destroyed, the roads are destroyed too, too many dead people in the streets, they had to burn them so they were no infections, like how horrible it can be.

When I imagine that it could happen to me I was like WOW this is ugly...

Anyways, we should hope for Haiti and pray, also, those who can give a donation, please do so, they really need it!

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