New Years eve alarm !

This is for you,
I know we have the tendency to buy almost everything for New Years Eve and stuff, CALM DOWN !!! You guys are NUTS to buy a pair of shoes you're only gonna wear for a night ! (If you have a lot of money to waste and you like it, then go  ahead) but COME ON! REALLY?!! The big sales are starting 2 weeks after Xmas and New Years so just save your money for great deals, and stuff you gonna wear for the real winter, because even if December was cold, it was only a snapshot of what's coming for us in January til March ...

So please listen to me, you'll be happier in January when will come the sales, and YES you can totally find a cool outfit for new years from something you already have, no need to be dressed up like a clown or something, just be classy chic, play with an incredible hair and make up style =)
I'll post some new year's outfit ideas that you can have with simple stuff !


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