I see you ..

What an amazing and beautiful movie I fell in love with! Avatar, I wasn't expecting that !
Just go and see it !! As I already told you, movies go out on Wednesdays in France, so I went to see it that night with my man, the room was full of excited people lol, and after 15min of advertisement we all dived into Pandora, 2hours and 41min later we all applauded and went out to the real world =/
All I can tell you is that the story is beautiful, I love the fact they talk about the respect of nature and everything, love, and the animosity of human being on destructing everything (lol).

Anyways, it was really good, and it reminded me bit of The Lion King and/or Star Wars.  Pandora is such a beautiful planet ! Wow!!!

Go and see it ! Comment here for your ideas of the movie =)

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