Healthy snacks idea

Ok lets start off with a disclamer : I am not a professional or anything, like I said previously, I am just sharing.
This is one of my favorite snacks, and I think it is healthy, you have cereals, milk and vitamins, AND it gets you full if you are hungry.

Now let me explain why I picked this snack among others.

I don't think I am fat, I think I am average, of course I have fat in my body, but I like it this way. I am in a process of losing weight, my own way, what I do is that I try not to eat meat for diner, not to eat snack between the meals, I try to eat more vegetables, more fish, and to drink more water (this is my way to lose weight without starving myself) but even if don't eat snacks between the meals, sometimes I turn out to be really hungry at 5PM and my stomach makes noise, I eat, I don't starve myself.

And when I snack, I like to keep it low and healthy. This is what I snack mostly.

- Fresh orange juice or orange slices
- 1 fruit yogurt
- 1 cereal dry bread with cream cheese

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