WINTER beauty tips & picks from Sephora

Ok, I was going to record a video about it but I was really lazy today! Took me so long to edit my videos and the ones that I record live from Youtube don't have a good quality.
However here are my beauty tips for winter!!

- Start the day with a VERY HOT shower
- Moisturize your skin when you get off the shower with a high moisturizer
- Exfoliate at least twice a week. This will remove dead cells and allow the skin to absorb extra moisture.
- Drink a lot of TEA !!! This will give you all the water you need and will keep you in shape
- Eat more fruits, so you can have for vitamins during the day
- Don't eat your ass off, winter doesn't mean JUNK FOOD? Have soups and healthy meals so you won't have to run everyday before summer lol!
Also healthy food will keep you in a better shape and your skin will look better
- You can have one self tanning moisturizer, I will give you a more dynamic look and you'll feel like winter is not freezing your skin lol!
- Finally, go to the gym once a week or just have sport exercises at home so you can keep your body warm

Instead of being mad when winter comes because your skin is so dry, your lips hurts, your feet are ugly and everything else, you have to start PREVENTING everything right NOW !!! ok? =)

So I went over Sephora's website to pick my 10 winter picks that we should have to prepare ourselves and go through winter without a hurt =)

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