New Moon?

OK so tomorrow will be released in FRANCE the new chapter of Twilight : New Moon, for once we can see something before the US..
In France movies are released on Wednesdays whereas on Fridays in the US. But that's not my point at all..
Then whole Twilight thing is so annoying !!! Come on! It's only gonna last 2 years or 3. It's the same teen movie circle.
They take unknown actors, put it in a movie that has nothing special, the media makes it BIG, the main characters become superstars, they are not even talented as hell lol, and then they make money over our heads, and when the fun is gone it's over.
They film a few wacky movies that only fans are going to watch and then they disappear from the media planet =)

The same thing keeps happening all over and over again for years : Hayden Christensen, Robert Pattinson, Harry Potter...

Same old shit

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