J.Lo // Lola fresh out the oven

Alter ego... that reminds me something... Oh yeah wait! ... SASHA !!! lol

J.Lopez came a little too late with the whole alter ego thing! Plus the "fierce look"
Too little too late Lola!
I mean come on! THis was beyonce's first style, the rihanna took over Bee by posing in the streets with all her closet (instead of working on her new album's songs that are average", then comes Ciara (no comment lol) and the late Jennifer Lopez! ... Never copy a diva if you're a diva yourself! See Mariah Carey, she kept it real! And her new album is working so good =)

No need to show off your Louboutin anymore (yes J.Lo was wearing the cheetah Louboutin that Rihanna wore when she was is PARIS last month)

So please ladies, STOP!!!! Find your own swag!

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