AMAs review

Uhghh i am sorry but Taylor Swift winning her award over Eminem or M. Jackson was a LITTLE weird to me
Still Jay and A had a uninterupted performance of Empire State of Mind

Then she totally got me shiver when she sang Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (lord I love this sons so much! )

Whitney Houston won the International Artist of the Year and performed “Didn’t know my own strength”, I think she will never sing like before but still it's really good, I love the lyrics too =)

And Eminem totally rocked it! Still Dr Dre was missing on the track it would have been dope, but it was great! Love the verse of 50 too =)

And after when I look at Rihanna's performance I am like WTF is going on with you!
Everyone says she has creepy songs and everything and shes adding oil on the fire...
And the whole audience was looking at her like WOW, what's that??!!
Oh man! What is she thinking?? I like the 1st song Wait is Ova but that's it.AND that reminds me that she is not a really good live singer.
Come on Riri u're better than that!

Beyonce should have come on stage =)

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